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  Walkera V120d03S

Walkera UB-01 Simulation Cable, ,

Training Kit for 120 Class Micro Helicopter, ,

Storm 3.7V 700mAh 20C LiPo Battery Pack (Enhanced), ,

HM-V120D03-Z-03 Fixing Sleeve Set, ,

SkyArtec Flight Simulator (8-Ch), ,

SkyArtec Flight Simulator (4-Ch), ,

Micro Screw Driver Box Set, ,

HM-V120D03-Z-13 Receiver (RX2613V), ,

HM-V120D03-Z-12 Tail Motor Wire, ,

HM-V120D03-Z-11 Tail Speed Controller (WK-WST-10A-L2), ,

HM-V120D03-Z-09 Brushless Main Motor, ,

HM-V120D03-Z-10 Tail Brushless Motor, ,

HM-V120D03-Z-07 Bearing Set, ,

HM-V120D03-Z-08 Screw Set, ,

HM-V120D03-Z-06 Canopy (Orange), ,

HM-V120D03-Z-05 Tail Boom, ,

HM-V120D03-Z-04 Landing Skid, ,

HM-V120D03-Z-02 Tail Rotor (Orange), ,

Airy Servo Gear for Walkera WK-02g-1 Servo, ,

Airy Wooden Blades (142mm), ,

HM-V120D03-Z-01 Main Rotor Blades, ,

HM-4G6-Z-36 Speed Controller for Brushless Main Motor (WK-WST-10A-L3), ,

HM-4G6-Z-33 Servos (2g-1), ,

HM-4G3-Z-16 Main Gear, ,

HM-4G3-Z-15 Servo Holder, ,

HM-4G3-Z-12 Main Frame, ,

HM-4G6-Z-01 Main Rotor Blade (Red), ,

HM-4G6-Z-13 Fixing Sleeves Set, ,

HM-4G6-Z-01 Main Rotor Blade (Black), ,

HM-V120D02-Z-09 Ball Linkage Set, ,

HM-V120D02-Z-08 Main Rotor Shaft, ,

HM-V120D02-Z-07 Main Shaft, ,

HM-V120D02-Z-05 Swashplate, ,

HM-V120D02-Z-04 Main Rotor Housing, ,

HM-V120D02-Z-03 Main Blade Holder, ,

Aluminum Case for Walkera V120 / M120 Series Helicopter, ,

Airy Neck Strap for All Transmitter, ,

Airy Transmitter Stand, ,

Airy Neck Strap Adapter (For Walkera and Esky), ,

Airy Ergonomics Control Stick for Transmitter (Mode 2, 3mm), ,

Airy Ergonomics Control Stick for Transmitter (Mode 1, 3mm), ,

3 x Storm 3.7V 700mAh 20C LiPo Battery Pack (Enhanced), ,

5 x HM-4G6-Z-01 Main Rotor Blade Pack (Black), ,

3 x Storm 3.7V 700mAh 20C LiPo Battery Pack (Enhanced), ,

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